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About Us

  •  Our company since 1997, serving the industry for an automatic car wash machines. Establishment up to now renew ourselves, keeping up with technology and service consciousness, and so far we have been providing the service.
     Our company has its own on-site after a long R & D work as experimental design and the finished car wash car wash machines offered to the service sector.
     Sersan Machine for the production of over 12 years of knowledge and experience to have, is excited to share with our valued customers. Since its inception, the company has professional staff engaged in the production of car wash industry, from the first time, although a mid-sized company's commitment to quality and difficult to achieve owing to the tenacity and principles recognized in the industry as soon as possible has never abandoned car wash.
     Especially after sales services, our company due to increased security costs in the wash system and proper maintenance of the property company had sought.
     Principles of our company is always quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable price.
     To date, at the request of many of our customers special washing machines, washing machines and industrial manufacturing in our house for 10 years. Abroad in Turkey to Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Iran to countries such as buses, trucks, and small tools we have to wash a lot of machines sold produce.
     CE, ISO 9001:2008, trademark registration, quality certificates, such as capacity is available in the report.
     Success and sustainability of production Sersan the machine works with the principle of honesty and quality assurance services, to thank you for your immediate attention and support will continue to serve today and in the future.


Sersan Makine
Cüneytbey Mahallesi 639 Sok. No: 43/1 Jandarma Kümeevler Menderes/İZMİR
90 232 252 16 31
+90 232 252 47 60